Thursday, July 5, 2007

We survived

the 4th of July. No major issues. The day started out with the parade which the kids weren't too thrilled about. JP and Brady were scared of the load horns on the fire engines. Alyssa didn't really get the idea of running around picking up the candy. Emilee had fun but thought it was too long of a parade. It didn't help that the parade got interrupted twice by trains! I've NEVER seen that happen. OH well. We played at my parent's lake home most of the afternoon. The kids had a blast. We have a LAUNCH POD (a big trampoline that you blow up the sides of it and it floats). It also has a slide off the one side. They thought it was the best thing. I had fun too. My dad and I (dad is 58 yrs old) were doing flips down the slide. Boy, am I outta shape! I am so stiff and sore today I can hardly walk. It's worth it though - I can' wait to go to the lake again. Alyssa didn't like the water too much. After a while she got better with it but it took a long time. Brady never did get in the water. He took a 3 + hr nap. Then we went for a pontoon ride and Emilee and JP got to ride in the tube behind the pontoon.

Then we went to hubby's relatives place. I did my good deed and showed my face. I was the "MEAN MOM" though because i took my kids home at 9pm to put them to bed. Oh and I wouldn't let them just sit at the candy bucket and eat candy. I'm so mean! Oh well. We are supposed to go to Hubby's aunt and uncle's place at the lake this weekend. Don't know if I want to or not but we'll see what happens. It supposed to be upper 90's close to 100 degrees on sat. Not sure I want to sit in the heat with 4 kids all day. We'll see what happens I guess.

I also got a call from Emilee and JP's sw this morning. Things are on track for TPR at the end of the month. She is coming to visit them next week. They will like that. Then in August she is going to come for a weekend and stay with us to observe how the kids are doing. UGH. Nothing like putting your parenting skills thru the wringer and being under the watchful eye of someone. Their sw is a very nice person but she's younger than I am and she's going to tell watch and see what I'm doing wrong parenting? Ummm....ok whatever. I just keep telling myself, only till Dec! (I hope!)

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