Tuesday, July 3, 2007

And the doctor says...

Brady has a left side ear infection to go along with his runny nose, cough and 101degree temp. Alyssa has a sinus infection (hmmm couldn't have guessed that one since she's had a yucky nose and cough for 4 days now). Not what I needed with a holiday tomorrow and a TON of running around. At least Alyssa isn't slowing down at all. Brady on the other hand..is a different story. Daycare said they would take him today. She called me at noon and said his fever was going back up (it was down to 99.3 at the clinic) so I took some tylenol and ibuprofen over to her. At 2;30 she called to say he was just too whiny and clingy and she couldn't get anything done with the other daycare kids. So I talked to my boss and went to pick them up. I got to Emilee and JP's daycare to get them and their daycare lady (who is a SAINT) told me to bring them in and she would keep them for me. She had kids leaving within 15 mins and so she would have room. What a WONDERFUL woman she is. (She's also a relative of my mom's!). So now I'm back at work. Brian does feel miserable and I felt bad leaving him there but I need to be at work. It's not that we're busy or that I have tons to do but I can't afford to not be here. As it is I was 1 1/2 hrs late getting here due to the clinic appt. Took 30 mins to go take meds to them at noon. HOpefully I can just make up the time Thurs and Friday and they won't dock my wages. I'm salaried but still. They are kinda sticklers on that sort of thing.

Emilee and JP are also starting to act out a little bit with the other two getting some of our attention. Last night JP Had a terrible night. Anything he could do to get me going, he did. He spilled his juice all over his supper plate and then when I told him that he was going to use a warm rag and soap and wipe up the sticky floor(i wiped up the juice right away), he layed on the floor having a MAJOR temper tantrum. This morning the first thing he did was get up and come tell me he was sorry. It was so cute! I sat them down and reminded them that they are very special children and we love them. That Alyssa and Brady were only staying with us a few more days and then they would be going back to the other foster home. I asked them if they had any questions and they said no. I don't know what else to do. Each kid (little ones included right now) get their own special one on one time right at bedtime where we give hugs and kisses and Emilee and JP get to tell us about their day without interruptions from the other kids. At this point, I don't know what else to do. I really think I will have to think twice about another placement, whether it be respite or foster care. I know it's a big adjustment for them to move to our home and it's only been 3 weeks so we probably shouldn't have taken this respite, but I felt like I had to from what this foster family had done for us. Was I wrong?

Ok now I'm rambling on. Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!

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JUST A MOM said...

WOW I was not the only one who had to learn that doing is not always good. Have a great holiday.