Thursday, May 31, 2007


until we get to see "our" kids. I know I shouldn't be looking at them in that way yet (afterall, we know way too well how this could go from our experience with G last Fall) but I can't help it. I received a 16 pg fax from the kids' current foster parents about their behaviors/likes/dislikes/etc and now I am even more excited to meet them. We are meeting for breakfast on Tuesday am at 9! Wow, I'm excited, scared, nervous, anxious, you name it, I'm feeling it right now.

Hubby hasn't said too much. I showed him the pics and he's like "Yeah, they are adorable". He's leaving all the details up to me. I know he's scared that we'll get them and have them for the next 2 months and they will be part of our family and then something will go wrong and we will lose them again like we lost G. I know he's got a point and I should be a little cautious, but it's hard. I guess I survived and worked thru our losses with G and if that happens, I know that someone higher up has plans for us and things will work out EVENTUALLY!

I'm thinking about getting some sort of gift for each of them when we go meet them on Tuesday. When their sw asked them about their favorite things - neither of them really mentioned any toys or anything? So now what do I do? Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.

So now work has slowed down a little bit for today and I've been sitting here thinking about them. (I started this post over 3 hrs ago and am just getting time to get back to finishing it). What if they don't like us? What if they hate us? I mean - we're young, we LOVE to have fun and be with family/friends but what if they absolutely do not like us? then what? Ok, I can't let myself keep thinking this way but the thoughts are crossing my mind. I know they like cats and dogs and animals...well with our cows/chickens/dog/5 grown cats/9 baby kitties and more baby kitties on the way - I hope that is enough to at least win them over for a little while! :-)

Work is piling up again so I better go.....send me those ideas to get the kids!!!!


Susan said...

I will think about gift suggestions and get back to you, but you need to count on the fact that they will be resentful of you. You are disrupting their lives and taking them from family and friends. They don't understand (and won't for a long while) that they can't stay where they are or that what you have to offer them is better than what they have. Be sure you are able to let go of it and not take it personally. OK having said that--I'm sure it is going to be great! Congratulations!

Kathy said...

I know your feelings well!

Having just visited our little girl, that will be coming to live with us in a few months, I can say that things will work out and it won't be as scary as you think. Just be prepared, and be yourself. I know it's nerve wracking to meet a child, in this situation, for the first time. I was SO nervous about meeting Destiny!!

Just have a good time, try to be yourself, and get in there and play with the kids if you all go to a park or something. Destiny loved to say to us "You, slide down the slide". Of course we did it!! She loved that we were ok to be silly.

We brought bubbles and lots of little bubble making gadgets. Destiny loved to play with the bubbles, mainly just using the one little wand. Other little kids flocked around her, and everyone had a good time chasing the bubbles. She also loved playing with our camera, because it has a view screen...but be careful with your camera :) She tripped a couple of times, but she made sure not to drop the camera! We know we were very lucky :) We just bought her a digital camera, that we'll let her take pictures keep our camera safe. It was under $50, and it's a good camera.

Go with your gut, in what you think the kids might like. It may sound silly, but I prayed to find the right gifts for Destiny...and that helped a lot.

Maybe bring some age appropriate games. Memory is always a fun game for all kids. Candyland is too. You could bring a ball and play with that. You could also do up a small photo album with pictures of you guys, your house, their bedrooms, any pets, etc. It will help them to see what to expect, and help them to remember you.

Ok, that's all my thoughts for now :) Good luck with your visit!

Kathy said...

How did your meeting with them go this morning? I'm excited to hear what all happened!