Thursday, May 24, 2007


Well I received a call today and the birth mom due in July has chosen a family and it isn't us. I didn't have a lot of hope that we would be chosen ~not because we're not a good family~just cause it's the way our luck goes but it still was hard to fight back tears when I got the call.

Still no word about the other 2 from the other side of our state either. Kinda giving up on them too since our cw won't call me back. I'm not the kind of person who can just keep calling and calling and calling. I need to learn how to be more like that but at this point, I haven't. Boy, I've really been in the dumps the last few weeks.

The weather is not helping matters any either. It's the 24th of May and the temp is 48 degrees for cryin' out loud! Where is summer? I had to pull out some of my long sleeve winter clothes to wear to work today. It is ND but afterall - we DO get hot temps here in the summer....guess Mother Nature doesn't think it's summer yet.

On a different note, we have made plans for our vacation that starts in 8 days :-). We are going camping with my brother and his family next weekend. It should be fun. We used their camper by ourselves for vacation last year and had a blast. Hubby had never been camping before and didn't think he would enjoy it. It was his idea to see if they wanted to go this year. Then we will be at home for 1 day so we can take our "kid" (aka dog Pepper) to the vet for her shots and a haircut. Then on Tues we will leave for his sister's house and spend a few days coming home on Thurs which happens to be our 4th Anniversary!! :-) I'm excited. I think a week away from the stresses of our jobs and placement calls will do us both good.

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Trace said...

I've been where you are (6x now)and I'm sorry. It just plain old SUCKS!

Camping sounds fun! We went camping last year w/the tent and everything. We had a great time!