Friday, May 25, 2007


Well I'll believe it when they are here but I just got a call from our cw and she told me that we have been chosen as the prospective adoptive family for the 4yr old & 6 yr old. "JP" and "Emilee". "JP" is 4 yrs old and has no diagnosis from what we are told. "Emilee" is 6 and has an attachment disorder. She has started throwing temper tantrums and wetting her pants because it gets her current fostermom in an uproar. Their complete files should be available for us sometime next week. They want them moved next week. I told cw that I prefer the end of the week because then we are on vacation and I think camping will be fun. I know my nephew would LOVE to have someone to play with while we are camping.

Pray for us that this works out. This is something that I really needed this week. It's been a long couple weeks!

She did tell me that the bio dad has re-surfaced and wants his kids. He hasn't been around since Sept 06 though and the county does not see that he is an acceptable home for the kids. At this point, we are looking at this as a foster care placment until I have solid proof in writing that it could be more. Afterall, we've been burned before and biodad TPR is sheduled for the end of July.


FosterAbba said...

Congratulations on your new placement! I hope it works out for you.

What are you going to do with the pants-wetter? Ugh. That would definitely put me in an uproar, too.

NDFosterMom said...

Abba - I am hoping that this will be a short lived "problem" and that once "Emilee" figures out that it doesn't get my goat - it will quit - she didn't use to do this - it's something that she has recently started....Now I have to figure out in a hurry how to NOT let it get my goat! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!