Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Placement Calls

We got a call for placement of an 8 yr old boy yesterday that we have been toying with. Do we or don't we. It really is older than what we are looking for and he's a local boy from our small town. Well I just found out this boy's dad graduated from highschool with hubby. I don't think we want to take him for this main reason. This isn't a family that I think we want to be involved with even if this placement is somewhat voluntary on the parent's side of things. Has anyone ever taken a child that you know the family. It's not like we are "Friends" with them - just acquaintances at best but the town he is from is a mere 8 miles from our house and the only place that we go out to eat at. We are the only *****&**** that live around here. I don't mean that I am scared of the family that they would do anything harmful if they were sober but they do like their alcohol and people do stupid things when they are drinking. HELP PLEASE!!!

2nd call was today from our AASK worker. She has a 6 yr old girl and 4 yr old boy that need to be moved ASAP. Bio mom has a TPR already/ bio dad TPR is scheduled for June 3. They have been in foster care since March 06. Girl has attachment issues (duh! what foster kid doesn't?) and boy at this time doesn't have any diagnosis. I feel bad to say that I'm not even excited at this point. I did tell her to put us on the list of interested families but this will be the 5th call we've received from our worker in 3 months for a child(ren) and none have worked into a placement for us yet. Guess we'll just wait and see what happens.

Then there's the question, what happens if we accept this placement and the birth family due in July chooses us??? What then???


Lionmom said...

Sometimes I just have to go with the gut and trust that things will work out. That's not excatly how I function in the rest of my life - I'm a fixer and go at situations from all angles. But this foster adopt world we live in is so out of our control, that I had to adopt a "let go, let God" attitude.

I would probably not take the little boy from your town - I can see that getting messy and you need to protect your future kids as well. As far as taking the sibling group and maybe the baby, we have always considered the kid(s) in front of us rather than the maybe kid.

Trace said...

I agree with you. The little boy in your home town is too close.

Julie said...

I think the aquaintance is just too close but if your in a small town you may run into this time and time again- good luck with that- the others sound great- challenging with attachment issues but it could work???