Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Update on BirthMom due in July

Ok, I received a call from the sw who is working with the birth mom/dad that are due in July. She called to let me know that they haven't seen any of the family bios yet cause birth dad is just coming to meet with her for the first time this week. She said they will be looking at the families and should get back to us in the very near future! I verified with her that she got the update that hubby no longer smokes! Finally! Hopefully he can keep up with that now! He quit one time before for 1 1/2 years and then started up again! I was sooo mad at him but I learned in a hurry that harping on him would do neither of us any good. This time he quit and I actually didn't even notice for about 2 weeks! He never smoked around me (unless we were out in the yard working and I could get far enough away to not smell it) or in the house or vehicles or anything so I just never paid any attention to the fact that he wasn't doing it. I'm sooo proud of him!

Keep praying...I was beginning to get a little worried since we hadn't heard anything at all but I think the prayers are working!

We also are waiting for a packet in the mail to get on the waiting list with our local Catholic Charities Infant Program. They only place 3-5 babies a year on average but they also don't have a long waiting list. I know this doesn't mean a whole lot because the birth parents could still choose someone other than us, but someday SOMEONE will choose us, RIGHT???

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