Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why does it always happen to us?

I swear - we have the WORST luck with vehicles and windshields! Let's not take into account that we put on 130 miles per day between the two of us (and yes at $3.199/gal of gas it is EXPENSIVE!!!!). Here's the conversation I just had with hubby...

Hubby: Busy?

Me: Nope - what's up?

Hubby: You guys fix rock chips there?

Me: Think so, why are you asking?

Hubby: Just got a HUGE chip in the windshield when a semi passed me.

Me: **HUGE SIGH***Why did you take gravel? (we can either drive 15 miles of gravel to get home or 23 miles of pavement)

Hubby: I didn't - I'm on Hwy 11.

Me: UGH!!! I'll drive the truck tomorrow and have the guys fix it.

Hubby: You know it's your fault.

Me: My FAULT!! Why? I'm at work. You're the one driving it.

Hubby: Cause I had to put gas in after work. Then I went to (insert store here) and had to pick up a few things.

Me: What did we need? I asked you on my supper break if we needed anything. I could have picked it up.

Hubby: Just stuff.

Me: Did you actually buy me a birthday card???

Hubby: Maybe. And I even wrote out a check for it. (He NEVER writes checks - always uses teh debit card). This way you can balance the checkbook and I don't have to show you what i bought.

Me: Oh ok. I'll talk to you later. Should be done by 8. Bye.

Hubby: Bye. Love you.

Anyways, At least our insurance company will pay for the chip to be fixed. We do not need any more bills right now. As for the bday card....My bday is next Tuesday and hubby has NEVER bought me a card/gift nothing! Not that I really expect it but his excuse always is "I'm too busy and you didn't remind me!" Ok, you should have stopped with just telling me Happy Birthday...the rest of your comment is what got you in trouble. On May 1, we had this conversation:

Me: Do you know what is in 22 days?

Hubby: What?

Me: This is your only reminder - Bday. And our anniversary is when?

Hubby: June 7.

Me: Good - at least you remember something. (End of conversation)

So I reminded him 1 time and he actually still remembered! I'm so proud of him! 4 years of marriage/ 6 years total together - He's learning! :-)

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