Thursday, January 3, 2008

Therapy Thoughts

I think I am really going to like my therapist. First impression was very good. Not only does she work within the local school district so she deals A LOT with kids, she has been thru infertility herself! She asked a lot of questions to make me think and made me give her answers which I think is good. It hurt a lot to say stuff out loud but I think it also helped me. One question that I struggled to answer was, "When was the last time you were Happy?" I don't know. We have another appt scheduled for next week. She also got me to admit out loud that I am struggling with my eating disorder again. I know the road I'm headed down (with the anorexia) but I can't change it on my own. She understands. I do feel better now than I did earlier today. She gave me some "homework" to complete before the next appt.

1. Call my MD and discuss meds with him.
2. Make an effort to get at least 3 hrs/week alone with Kenny...NO KIDS!
3. Do something special for MYSELF within the next week. (I think my lunch out to meet my blogger friend tomorrow should count for this! I'm SUPER excited.)
4. Admit I'm only HUMAN and not SUPERWOMAN! (There I already have that one done!)

Overall, I'm happy with how things went. There now next time when she asks when I was last happy I can tell her TODAY! after my appt. Well I'm not happy in a giggling kind of way but I am relieved that I am taking steps to feel better about myself...the and Hubby's in general.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my blogger friends for supporting me and listening (reading). For those of you who recommended therapy...THANK YOU.

(See a post without a bunch of negatives!! This has to be a first in a LONG TIME!)


Nicki Mann said...

Thats great that you like your therapist already! Its always hard for me to find the right therapist! When you click right away, it makes it much easier!

Mary said...

Yah! It's always so wonderful to have your feelings validated and understood. I'm glad you like your therapist; that's so very important.

And I'm pumped too! ;-)

Have a good night, Jody!

Jemmers said...

It sounds like the session really helped! And I am so glad that you are taking the steps you need to be happy and healthy!


Sometimes just being happy is the hardest thing to do!!

Take care!

Yondalla said...

I am happy that you are happy with your therapist!

Trace said...

I'm glad it went so well!! I find going to the therapist very cathartic and affirming.

Julie said...

I am glad it went well- I missed yesterday's posts so today- I read from the top down- got to the bottom of this one and it was all Happy- then the next post- things I hate... I was cracking up! Life is such a roller coaster isn't it! I know you have been busy- but check my blog for my news....!

Kathy said...

I'm very happy that all went well at your therapy appointment!! It really makes a difference in having some hope, doesn't it?!