Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lia Sophia Party

Hi. I'm having a Lia Sophia Party. Anyone want to check out the website???? Here it is....

I NEVER have good turn out at these parties so thought I'd put it out there to all of you. IF anyone wants to order anything and you feel comfortable enough...I will ship it to you for free!

On the home front...things are ok. Emilee is doing GREAT still. JP - that's a different story but he starts therapy tomorrow. I had a LONG talk with the sw today. We'll see what happens.

I'm doing ok. Bummed today because the weather forecast for this weekend is not nice. 6 degrees BELOW zero for a high on Sat! The kids are supposed to go to respite for the first time this weekend but I really can't see taking them out in that weather when it's only to give me a break. It's just not safe and yet...I NEED A BREAK! We'll see what happens.


Trace said...

I always have a good time at those party. I really enjoy the Tastefully Simple parties (pampers chef is ok) and hey those Slumber Parties (racy stuff, woohoo).

Anyway, if you can do the driving at all safely I would take advantage of the respite care this weekend. You SO NEED IT!!!

How's it going w/the therapist? The antidepressant? Any relief?

Julie said...

hey- how are you?

Kathy said...

I was also wondering how you're doing.

I hope that you had a good weekend, and had some time just for you.