Monday, January 28, 2008

So innocent

Last night 7:15pm...

Hubby & I were sitting on the couch watching tv and Emilee came to the couch.

Emilee: I don't want to go to school tomorrow.

HUbby: Well you don't get a choice. You have to go to school tomorrow. It's MOnday.

Emilee: Mom, can I cuddle.

Me: Sure, crawl up here.

Fast forward to 10:45pm...I'm just dozing off in bed and here someone coughing on the other end of the house. I just lay there for a little while. Then here people talking. Roll over to tell Hubby that HIS kids are awake and he's not in bed. It's him talking to Emilee (guess I must have been a little more than dozing as I didn't notice him get out of bed). By this time I hear her throwing up but figure he's up..he can handle it.

Hubby coming back to bed: YOUR daughter just threw up.

ME: Convenient when she said earlier that she didn't want to go to school tomorrow.

Hubby: You don't know she's faking it.

ME: WHatever (roll over and go back to sleep).

Fast forward to this morning. I wake JP up and then go to wake Emilee up.

Emilee (walking into the kitchen): Mom I puked last night.

ME: Yeah, that's what daddy said. What was wrong?

Emilee: My tummy hurt from being hungry (Ok she ate supper at 6:30pm and had desert...she wasn't THAT hungry!)

ME: Oh that's not good.

Emilee: So am I going to school today?

ME: Yep. (Feeling her forehead) You don't feel warm or anything and it was only one time. Here I'll make you some toast for breakfast.

Emilee: Can I have a poptart?

ME: Well, just incase you are still feeling a little sick, let's just have toast this morning and see how that goes.

Emilee: Oh, ok.

She ate her breakfast and drank a full glass of milk. Perked up and couldn't wait to get to school....Now was she really sick or did she make herself throw up in hopes of getting to stay home today??? I'm not sure but I can make a guess.


Yondalla said...

Brian just called to say that he had a rash on his back and it felt like a thousand little needles sticking into him. I told him that when he got home we would try some antihistamine. He said, "You're not going to come get me and take me to the doctor?" kiddo.

Julie said...

Why doesn't she want to go to school? She is too young to hate school- too much left- :) I hope she doesn't make a habit of making herself throw up- scary! You sure have your hands full. :( sigh

noswimmers said...

Oh wow...that's pretty impressive (in a sick kinda way) if she can make herself throw up. I can't even do that!

Scary though.

Mary said...

I have two kids who can throw up on demand. And another one who goes through stomach viruses in an eight-hour period. She'll puke in the middle of the night and then still want to go to school that morning.

So. I don't know if she's faking or not. But either way, it sure sounds like you handled things great!