Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's been so good lately....

and then it had to change. I guess I knew better than to think things could go on forever as well as they were.

Did you know i beat my daughter??? Really I didn't, but that is what she told her teacher on Wednesday. She came home from school sick on Tuesday. I don't believe for one minute that she was really sick but the school said she had been complaining of a sore throat, headache and her ear hurting so I went and got her. There were already 7 kids sick in her class alone so chances were, she was not feeling up to par. Before we ever got home, she asked if she could lay on the couch and watch cartoons all day. I told her "No, when you are sick, you need to rest in your room". She was NOT happy. but that's what she did. I don't think she's be "sick" again any time soon! :-)

Then Tues night she didn't like that JP got to stay up later than her (he only stayed up until normal bedtime but since she was "sick" she went to bed early.)

Then Wed morning she was a horrible bearcat! She was pokey at EVERYTHING and after 20 minutes I told her she was done with breakfast even though she had only eaten about 1/3 of her poptart. Too'll be hungry by lunch time. Then we had a team meeting at noon on Wed and Em's teacher was there and filled us all in on her claims from the morning. I asked if she looked "Beat UP". Her teacher said NO. Em also said i pushed her and she bumped her knee. I asked if she had a bruise. her teacher said yes but it was greenish-yellow already...not a fresh black & blue mark so she knew it wasn't true. UGH! This kid!

We had a LONG talk last night. I'm not sure that it did any good. Actually, from the report that I got from uncle S today, it didn't do any good but that's a whole different story.

Anyways, we'll see how our night goes tonight.


Yondalla said...

Hang in there! I've been a couple of days, but I'm back.

Julie said...

I hope it gets better - hang in !