Tuesday, August 21, 2007

To do or not to do...

that is the question of the day. Remember the issues (or should I say accusations) here at work a few weeks ago...well they are still looming and now the employee whom we feel started the whole mess is still causing some ruffles in the feathers around here and it's driving me CRAZY!! Well, today I was searching on the internet on the Job Service website and found a position that I am going to apply for. I'm really excited. The hours of this job are just getting to me and this fellow employee is really more than I can handle. This new prospective job is back at the 40 hours per week with actually more income...hmmm this is a no brainer isn't it??? I spoke with someone at this job (I don't want to say where it is yet...let's just say I have quite a bit of knowledge concerning this type of employment and what they do at this place) and she said that i should FOR SURE DEFINATELY DON'T WAIT ANY LONGER apply for the job. That makes me feel pretty good.

I'll keep you posted....supposedly they will be calling for interviews next week.

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Trace said...

AWESOME!!! Good luck!!! Hopefully it will be the right fit for you.