Monday, August 6, 2007

Meeting this am

Ok. so we had our meeting this am with the HR manager and our Dealer Principal (big boss man). What a crock. Here's what I know (and it's not much)...

1. A customer complained to an employee last Thursday sometime before 3:30pm. According to report that HR got, this customer "UNLOADED" on employee that said "inappropriate touching" was VERY INAPPROPRIATE and said customer was EXTREMELY upset by said touching. Umm if this was such a big deal, why did said employee wait before going to HR????

2. This employee sat on the information for a while before going to HR manager at 3:30pm.

3. Hr sat on this info for a while before going to GM.

4. Alleged "Inappropriate touching" was Salesman touching my mid-section somewhere and me touching his mid-section somewhere.

5. Unknown at what part of the dealership said touching occurred.

6. Unknown customer name. Only have that said customer is male. HR has approx height/weight but that's it.

7. To pursue any further is not an option to find out who customer is and we have no rights to who employee is that reported said "inappropriate touching".

Ok now to respond to these "facts"...

1. I got to work at 10:35am on Thursday. (Didn't have to be here until 11am but came in early). Was met with a customer here at the time that was buying car. Busy with said customer for approx 45 mins. Then had to finish up deals from previous days that I didn't get a chance to put together because I was too busy on those days. Another customer here at 1:45pm. Busy with said customer until approx 2:05pm. Then busy with paperwork. 3rd customer here at 3:35pm. Busy until 5:00 pm with this customer. In the mean time I was at my desk doing paperwork or walking between my desk and office to turn in paperwork.

2. So if this employee turned over report of alleged "inappropriate touching" at 3:30pm and had "sat on the info" for while when did it happen? Oh and the customers that i dealt with were from 3 different sales people (only 1 was with salesperson that said touching occurred with).

3. If this was such a big deal, why wait????

4/5. Give me a break - you can't even tell us exactly what happened or who touched who first or where said touching occurred within the dealership????

6. Yeah're using this "CUSTOMER" to cover for said employee who has a jealousy problem.

7. So if this employee reported said "inappropriate touching" under good faith...why does he have to be annoymous??? (I'm saying HE cause who we think it is is a HE).


Trace said...

It sounds pretty bogus and fishy. What is the end result for you? Will you and your coworker be reprimanded in any way for something that is heresay, secondhand, and unproveable?

Jody said...

The end result is that we are supposed to wash it under the bridge. No we will not be reprimanded in any way (which is good - we didn't do anything!)

Julie said...

Insane- what does customer opinion matter if employees aren't complaining- ? so confusing- hang in !

Heather said...

Definately sounds fishy. Glad to hear you won't be reprimanded for such a false accusation. I say let it go, continue to do your job well and quietly keep your eyes open for whoever has it in for you.