Friday, August 10, 2007

Not much going on

So we went from "So much going on" to "Not much going on". We are kinda in a rut right now just going day by day. Nothing much to blog about. I did get a call from daycare last night to tell me that Emilee had been throwing up and complaining that her head hurt. Daycare said she was resting and that she would keep her until I got off work at 8pm (she called me at 6:50pm). Well we made it home without throwing up in the van but that was it. She was up 3 times during the night. Then again once today before i left for work and I talked to Hubby at noon and she had not kept anything down all day. She hasn't actually eaten a meal since Wed supper. Soooo we are headed to the doc at 4:30pm today. I really worried about her getting dehydrated. She's not a big girl. As of noon she had thrown up 11 times that I know of since this all started about 4:30pm yesterday. If the doc brings up a hospital stay I may just agree to it for the weekend. Afterall, let's waste the weekend, not the week days when I have to work. I am supposed to work tomorrow from 8-12noon but that's minor. So welcome to motherhood and sick kids again. YUCK!

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Kathy said...

The poor little dear! I think that nausea and throwing up are THE worst things to have to go through! I hope that she feels better soon, and that they figure out what's going on. I've heard that the stomach flu has been going around lately...everywhere. It surprises me that here it is Summer and a flu bug is going around!

You poor thing too...I know that can't be fun to deal with right now. Kids getting sick is my biggest fear with being a parent.

Hang in there!