Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weigh In and other stuff

OK, I have to be honest. I forgot to weigh myself this morning before leaving for work. Check back tomorrow and I will do my weigh in. It's been a CRAZY few days and I'm extremely exhausted. Sunday night we had some tornado's in the area and straight-line winds so we went down to my fil's at 11:30pm with the kids. We came home again about 1am after everything had settled down. Then I was up at 5am as I had a training class in a town 60 miles from where I live that started at 8am and I had to get the kids back to my fil's so he could take them to daycare for us. UGH! A new day is here today but I'm a nervous wreck because I have to go take my test from class yesterday. My job depends on me passing this test so I need to study and that's what I was doing and forgot to weigh myself this morning. Keep your fingers crossed. I'll know late this afternoon how I did....back to studying.

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