Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Monday

well it WAS Happy anyways....I got only as far as putting the title in and my dad popped up on my im to tell me that my mom's cousin passed away yesterday from what they think was a heart attack. I'm not sure of his exact age but he was in his late 40's early 50's. Wow, what a shocker! He has a wife and two kids right around my age plus at least 1 grandkid. This really puts into perspective how fast a loved one can be gone from your life.

The weekend was fun. Friday night, the Relay for Life was a BLAST! My LEGS were killing me on Sat though! I am not in good shape. There was a "Mr. Relay" contest and the guys had to wear a formal dress. My boss was in it. He got 2nd place and we all got a big laugh! Remember in the 80's the dressed that you could stuff newspaper/tissue paper in and they would fluff out at the bottom. This was the kind of dress he had on. IT was SOOOOO funny.

It was very nice to be able to walk the Survivor lap with my dad also. The teams lined the track and clapped as we went by. I had tears in my eyes the whole lap. Then you would look at the luminary bags and see people's names that you knew and it really makes me thankful for my family.

Sat was a pretty lazy day. Luckily hubby's brother did spend the night on Friday night so he could watch the kids Sat until we got up. I heard them at about 8:30am but considering it was 2:00am before I hit the sack, I was in no way getting up.

Sunday we hung out in the house cause it was just WAY TOO HOT outside. Plus the kiddo's both have sunburns from daycare last week (a whole 'nother story in itself) so I figured their little bodies needed a break from the sun for one day. Then my mil who we have not seen or heard from since last Nov 5 stopped by last night. She told us she is GETTING MARRIED! Yep. Her and my fil have been divorced since July 2002. She is marrying a man who is divorced because he chased his wife down the driveway with a shotgun! Ummmm yeah. Whatever. The wedding is in Sept. Hubby wants to go and so do I. I just hope his sister can handle this. As far as she is concerned, she doesn't have a mother (LONG STORY) and she is quick to hold a grudge so I hope she can handle that we are TRYING to have a relationship with mil. For hubby's sake, we don't need a big scene over this.

Not much else on the homefront. How was everyone's weekends???

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