Friday, June 22, 2007


Well, Trace at was wondering what people had planned for this weekend so here's my input...

Tonight is the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. This has such special meaning to me (as I've said in my other post about this) and I'm VERY excited. I'm super tired today though and I think it's because I know that I am going to be up late (aka ALL NIGHT!). Oh well.

Hubby's little brother who is 14 1/2 (is babysitting tonight). I know - we are supposed to have babysitters who are 18 and over only but he's family and who am I going to find that is 18+ that wants to spend the night at my house to watch my kiddo's??? Another benefit - hubby is helping his dad cut hay tonight and tomorrow (and for the next 3 weeks for that matter) and we don't get anything for the gas we use in our tractor or for the pickup since we use our pickup and trailer to haul the hay home. Yes we now have 3 cows of our own but we also have fil's cows at our house in our pasture for the summer for free SOOOOOOO Uncle S is babysitting "Emilee" and "JP" for $2.00 per hour! CHEAP SITTER! I will pay him something but I figure, we are helping them by using our tractor/mower/vehicle/trailer - he can help us out too. Am I mean? Normally we pay $2.25 / hour/kid if we are just going out for the night, but in this case, I don't think I should have to pay him the regular rate. Plus he will get paid tomorrow too cause I'm going to have him get up and feed them breakfast since I won't be getting home until who knows what time. Hubby will be in and out of the yard all evening and will be there overnight incase anything happens.

Tomorrow - hubby will be haying...I will be SLEEPING! Yeah right, like that will happen. It's supposed to be upper 80's tomorrow and upper 90's Sunday. :-) I plan to mow the lawn and work in my flowerbeds so that I can have Sunday at the LAKE! It should be fun.

Then Sunday night we have a funeral prayer service to go to as a guy hubby works with lost his mother yesterday. Sad deal! :-(

So what's YOUR plans for the weekend????

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