Thursday, August 12, 2010

So much going on...

Please pray for my cousin L. She is 18-years-old...She contacted me last night and told me of her plan to end her life....I got a hold of her parents and she is ok today...but is VERY UPSET with me for "breaking her trust". I know I did the right thing...but she has a VERY LONG ROAD ahead of her to sorting out her life. I've been on the phone with her and her parents and another cousin A all night....I need sleep...but I'm at work because we are interviewing 2 candidates for the part-time position in our office today.

Also I found out my ex-hubby's little brother rolled his pickup yesterday afternoon. He is 17. His nieces (age 7 & 12) and 2 of ex-hubby's new girlfriends kids (age 12 & 10) were all in the pickup. No seatbelts. Driver and 12 yr old niece were thrown out. Rest stayed in. Driver has broken leg/hip on one side and broken ankle on the other. 12-yr-old niece was airlifted to big town hospital. Rest were taken to local hospital....All will be ok...but asking for prayers for that family. Ex-father-in-law is laying in big town hospital with kidney failure right now also.

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