Friday, August 6, 2010

Going Private Again... since my family and KC's family do NOT know we are TTC...I've decided to make this private again. I just don't want someone to be searching the internet and find this by "mistake" and figure out who I am IRL and ruin any "surprise" that may be still kept quiet to them.


KC is here for the weekend. It's so nice to have him here. Last night we got a call from one of the service technicians from my employer whose dad is in the hospital and we ended up going over to his house to babysit while he went back to the hospital (his wife was at work). Really makes me feel good that he thought of us to call when he needed something. Kids were all in bed so it's not like it was too tough to babysit and actually I just went back to sleep on the couch but still..nice to be able to help out.

Well I am at work today while KC is doing his "honey-do-list" at the house. He is so cute. Here's our conversation at 1am on our way home from tech's house...

KC: So what do I need to get done tomorrow?
Me: Clean and organize garage. Spray Round-up around house and fence. Call CW and check on price of scrap metal/copper so we can get rid of it. Start breaking down the pile of branches in the backyard so we can have a bonfire. Oh and cook me lunch at 1:00pm. :-)
KC: that's all?
Me: For now...I'll think of more.

LOL...he's so happy to have "our" house and so am I.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...I work all day tomorrow will be a short one for me.

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