Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well we have interviewed 4 candidates for the part-time position...1 we like...1 is ok...1 is well-not-so-bad and 1 was a waste of our time. I mean really people....the job is FILING....that's about it...how hard is it to know your ABCs...really??? You graduated from college and still can't put things in ABC order???

Anyways...I'm stressed out beyond belief. I have worked 15 of the last 17 days and I'm worn out. Don't get me wrong..I love my job...but I need some time off. It's busy right now...harvest going on and sugar beets pre-harvest started today. We will go to 24/7 hours around the middle of Sept until sugar beet harvest is over (usually sometime end of Oct/beg of Nov). Now I don't have to work nights...but it gives us only 3/4 staff during the day because the other 1/4 is working at night. It makes my "day end" harder because we really don't ever have a "day end" and just makes things a little more time consuming.

I'm also lonely...it's really different to live ALL BY MYSELF. I love time to myself...but I'm missing KC. I can't wait until Sept gets here and he gets moved up here and we're done paying for 2 places to live. Right now we might get 12 hours together a week...and that's just not enuf for me! This long distance stuff is for the birds.

This weekend I am headed to watch my nephew J race in the ND Moto X finals. I can't wait! He's in 1st place in his class! WAY TO GO J! It will be a fun weekend spent with my brother and J and some friends. KC can't go as his brother is getting married on Friday and his nephew's bday is on Sunday so here's another weekend spent apart. :-( Excited to see J and my brother but sad that KC can't be there too. (His brother and fiance announced 2 weeks ago that they were getting married this Friday!)

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