Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa

Grandpa Phil,

Hi. First of all I want to wish you a HAPPY 83rd Birthday TODAY!!!

How are you doing? I'm sure you're laughing at all of us who are dealing with this COLD weather. I really miss you grandpa! There's so much that I didn't get to say to you.

I remember how upset you were when we made you go get your wrist checked out that Friday. You teased me because my wrist also was hurting me at the time. We made a good pair. They wanted to do surgery on your wrist. Mom told them NO WAY! Afterall, you were 80 years old and you didn't want it so she decided that she was going to do what you wanted and just let it heal as it may. (Boy am I glad she made that decision when she did). I wasn't as lucky. I had 2 surgery's on my wrist within 2 months of eachother that summer/fall but I guess you do know that as I know you were there with me both times.

I'm sorry we didn't make it to the home on Easter Sunday to visit you. I remember that Gabby wasn't feeling good and I remember telling Grandma to just give you a hug when she got there and tell you we'd be there to visit the following weekend.

Then Tuesday morning at 5:15am, the phone rang. It was mom and she was crying. I knew right away something was wrong. She said, "Jo, Grandpa's gone". And I said, "grandpa Klint?" and she said "No, Grandpa Phil". I remember crying immediatly and Hubby asking me what's wrong. I kept saying, "No, No, NO. How? Why?" Then Hubby took the phone and talked to mom. Gabby and I got up and came to the farm to be with mom and grandma and dad. I couldn't go to work. IT was the LONGEST 40 miles of my life. Gabby and I spent the night with grandma and came back to town the next day.

Then we headed back to the farm for the rest of the week. Friday was a tough day for everyone. The funeral was very nice though and Orv did a GREAT job singing. There was SOOOOO MANY Flowers! You really were a well liked person, Grandpa. So many stories about you driving bus for the school and you driving the gas truck. I enjoyed listening to all of them.

I hope you are celebrating with a huge cake and lots of gifts today. I took flowers out and came to visit you last weekend. It was cold and the roads were icy but I'm glad I made the trip. Enjoy your special day Grandpa!

I Love You and Miss You!

"Old Mean Jo"

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noswimmers said...

What a very sweet letter--sounds like you two have a wonderful relationship.