Saturday, February 23, 2008

Now Grandpa and Grandma are "mean" too

Well my brother and sister-in-law and their son came up to visit this weekend too! How parents get to see 3 of their kids/spouses and 6 of their 7 grandkids this weekend! :-)

However, my sweet little Emilee thinks Grandpa and Grandma are "MEAN" just like her mom and dad. The whole deal is that Emilee was not supposed to have fun this weekend. Well she DID NOT WANT TO GO WITH my brother "Tuffy" and his wife and son today because it would be "boring". But Tuffy and my parents agreed that Emilee should go with them because they don't see her very often and they could spend some quality time together. Oh, I feel so bad that she isn't happy today. NOT!

Also, before they left my parents' house, my mom called me to say that Emilee was complaining of a headache and wanted some medicine right after my mom gave K some cough medicine. I told her to go ahead and give Emilee some but not the full amount that she should get according to the bottle and then tell Emilee to lay down and rest. Emilee was back up 5 times in 10 minutes that her headache was did she really have a headache??? NOT! I'm getting so smart in my "old" age. LOL! ;p

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Kathy said...

Destiny is the same way with medicine...if she wants sympathy and/or sees someone else taking meds, she starts feeling "sick" too! Then when it's time for her to lay down to rest, she's all "better". Sneaky!