Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We Knew Little that morning....

1 year ago today was one of the worst days of my life. At 5:40am I awoke to our phone ringing. I saw on the caller ID that it was my parents. I knew something wasn't right. They don't call at that time of the morning for nothing even though they know we are awake. My grandpa P(mom's dad) had passed away. This was very unexpected to us. He had been in a nursing home for the past 14 months and in and out of one for the 8 months prior to that but he wasn't sick. He was having issues with his legs and alzheimers (this was never diagnosed, but he had all the symptoms of it!). He had talked to his CNA at 4:30 that morning and she told him she would be back shortly with a nebulizer treatment cause he was sounding a little wheezy with his breathing - he was just getting over a small cold. At 4:45am she went back with the RN and he was gone! We had just celebrated Easter with him 2 days before that! And the thurs prior to that we had him at the clinic because he had fallen and broke his wrist. They wanted to do surgery and we told them no because it wasn't a really bad break and why put an 81 year old man thru a surgery that is not mandatory? I'm sooo thankful that I was with him then. He was sooo special to me! After all, I was the only grandkid that he ever "hit"! :-) I say "HIT" like that because when I was about 4 years old my sis and I were staying with them. There was a thunderstorm and I was scared so I went in and tried to wake him up to sleep with him and i touched his arm and I startled him and when he raised his arm up - he "hit" me! I never let him forget it! He always called me "OLD MEAN JO". He was such a special man!

Grandpa - I know you are in a better place now and watching down on us. I want you to know that We Love You and we think of you dearly. We knew little that morning that God was going to call you home and although you are not here with me where I can talk to you I know you are not far away! How is Logan? I'm very thankful that he now has you there with him. Tell him his Auntie J loves him! I Love You and Miss you every day! XOXO Old Mean Jo & K.

On Aug 14, 2006 I lost my other grandfather (Grandpa K) after a couragous 17 year battle with cancer. He lived in OK with my stepgrandma and we didn't see him often. Maybe 1 time every couple years. This was also a difficult day! I'm thankful (to a point) that we didn't see him as often though as the cancer took quite a toll on his body. I remember this grandpa picking my twin and I up at the same time and setting us on his shoulders! He was such a strong man! By the time he passed away there was nothing left to him but skin and bones! He had suffered greatly and I know he is at peace now having a good time with Grandpa P.

Grandpa K - You knew that you would be soon going home to be with Jesus and I'm thankful that dad and Uncle Paul got to see you the week before you left your home on earth for the much brighter home in Heaven. I know that meant so much to my dad. I wish we could have been closer to eachother, but I always knew you were thinking of us and I hope you knew we thought of you often also. We think of you often and miss you. XOXO K&J

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