Friday, April 13, 2007

Placement is not coming....

Well our hopes are dashed again for our 8 yr old girl placement that we were hoping for. Now her foster mom where she is is going to get licensed to provide foster care by herself. S will go to respite care in a different city for a few weeks right after school gets out so foster mom and foster dad can do the divorce thing without her in the house. Then mom plans to get licensed and all this has to be done by the 6th of June. Oh well, I guess it isn't meant to be for us. I am just getting so frustrated. We get our hopes up and then shot back down again time after time after time. I know this is how it works but it is sooo hard.

I spoke with our social worker the other day and she has no kids on the horizon that are going to be needing foster care placements either. I can't believe in a county our size (we're not huge but we're not exactly small either) we have only a handful of kids in foster care. That is a good thing on one hand except that she did tell me there are kids out there that social services thinks should not be in their homes but we have a "3 ring circus" that doesn't like to get involved in juvenile matters. How pathetic is that? I guess it doesn't surprise me. I've seen enough in my short time dealing with the system to know exactly what she is talking about.

I have been searching the website looking at the profiles of children on there. I did find a sibling group of 3 brothers (very young) that I made an inquiry on. I'm not holding my breath to hear anything back on them (boy I have a poor attitude these days...) but we'll see what happens if anything.

A whole different subject.....

I have FINALLY found a new job (I think). I had an interview the other day and they said they would call the beginning on next week. This makes me sooo excited. I need to get out of this job that I am currently in. One of our technicians here is also looking at making the job move to the same place I am checking into. I think we could do so much for Vision's auto body shop. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Overwhelmed! said...

Sorry to hear of your frustrations in your attempts to be placed with a foster-to-adopt child. I hope a good match comes your way soon!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you on the job front!