Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Update's been a while...well more like FOREVER.

Life...well it's had it's ups and downs. No placements right now. That's ok.

We recently learned that a little boy we had in Nov 2007 ( I can't remember what i named him) is now up for adoption. We only had him and his older sis for a few days then had them moved because of Em and JP. We've done respite A LOT for him over the past year. He's sooo sweet. It's an ugly battle. I have contacted a lawyer to see what our rights are. The only adoption agency we can go thru in ND for foster being difficult. We have our county saying that this little guy should be in our home...but they say they won't look at us without a home study...yet they won't write us a home study. And if they hadn't discriminated against us last summer and closed our home study without talking to us...we would have a currently home study. UGH!

Also....father in law cancer update....he had his bladder/prostrate/appendix out Dec 8. Spent 10 days in the hospital. Was rushed back by ambulance on Dec 19 after his incision came open and his intestines were practically falling out of his body. The doc could feel them when he examined fil. Spent another 10 days in the hospital. Got out Dec 29. My little bil is living with us. He's 16. We have 2 farms to keep up...2 sets of chores to do...oh and did i mention that we have more snow already than we've had in like FOREVER up here??? It literally storms every other day or so up here. Today it's -40degrees Farenheit windchills. Yep...gotta love ND!

As for my's not good. I'm trying but with all this's not good. That's all I'm going to say for now.

HOpe all is well with everyone....I'll try to catch up on your blogs soon.

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