Thursday, October 23, 2008

new kiddos

9 month old boy...3 yr old boy....cute idea how long they will be here...started out as 1 week...then 1 month....then "We have no idea". Good kids too! Blonde eyes!


Angela :-) said...


I have to ask, though, if the blonde hair & blue eyes are connected to the "good kids" comment. Maybe I'm touchy because my kiddos aren't blue-eyed, blondes.

Angela :-)

Mary said...

Fun! I hope whatever should happen does happen.

Jo said...

Angela...No I didn't mean that they were "good kids" cause they are blonde hair blue eyes! They are just good kids. We've had no behavior issues at all with the 3 yr old. I will be sad to see them leave on Wed.

Amanda said...

What's going on? Just curious!!