Wednesday, March 7, 2007

New Placement short lived...

Well we received that new foster care placement we were expecting to happen on March 19, a week ago this past Wednesday. A 7 yr old boy with an EMH / ADHD diagnosis as well as a seizure disorder. This was a big adjustment for us as we have not had a child over 2 yrs of age in our home for over a year. Then to have one with such special needs took a little getting used to but it was great. On this past Monday they moved A to his grandmother's home. We also had a blizzard that started last Wed night and continued thru Friday so we got to spend an extended period of time at home. He LOVED playing outside. His bio dad doesn't EVER let him play outside from what we were told. He had never been to a farm so he thought that weas really cool. We went to my father-in-law's so A could see the pigs and cows. He even got to pet a cow - boy did that make his day. I'm not sure how I feel about him getting to go to his grandma's. The fact is - grandma lives below bio dad in the apt building. Dad is DD. It sounds like a simple case of neglect (can you call neglect simple?not sure). Mom is in and out of the picture and Dad is the main caregiver but from what I am told - Dad has a guardian of his own so how much responsibility should dad really have? I don't know how to feel on this one. But let me tell you - I learned a lot from this 7 yr old....he gave me lessons on what he knows about being drunk/having a hangover, playing Mortal Combat and other "killing" games on his PS2, how to eat with your fingers even it it's spaghetti you are eating...and soooo much more. This kid knew things that I didn't even know. Needless to say we had a lesson right off the bat about how to use a fork/spoon. He also has NEVER slept in a bed. Just sleeps on the floor with dad. Poor guy. I hope/pray that he is doing well.

Also yesterday we got a call from our local AASK agency. They have a 7 yr old girl that already has a TPR and is going to need to be moved to a new adoptive placement within the next 2 months. We are now waiting to hear that her file is ready so we can go look at it. Not sure how I feel about this but will keep you posted.

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