Thursday, March 15, 2007

More placements on the horizon...

In the past 4 days we have received a call for 3 separate placements. The first being a 6 yr old boy and 4 yr old girl (siblings). These children we agreed to take into our home as a foster/adopt home as they already have a TPR. THEN we got to read the files on them and had to turn them down afterall. We are not a PATH home, but just a county home and this 6 yr old boy needed a PATH home or at least a home with WAY MORE TRAINING than what we have. I feel really bad because we were one of just a very few families that had agreed to take them but as we've learned from our short experience - the social workers did not tell us exactly what the circumstances were with him and made him out to be a lot better off than he truely is (poor kid). I feel bad but truth be told - we live on a farm and one of this child's problems was with animal cruelty! Ummm that doesn't fit with a farm lifestyle. Now why were we even chosen for this I have no clue. :-(

2nd placement call - another foster/adopt option. 7 yr old girl. This one we are very interested in and are in the process of learning more. We will be reading her complete file this weekend. Sounds like her only issues may be with attachment issues and some bedwetting. I think I can handle this one! :-) A little older than our original plan of action to begin our family with but I truely believe things happen for a reason and we'll see what goes on. This poor girl is in a foster/adopt home that is having some marital issues of their own. She has NO CLUE she is moving. Poor thing.

3rd placement call - yet another foster/adopt option. WOW! 3 in one week! This one we are MOST interested in because it is a baby approx 9 months old. This one also has the highest risk as they are trying to reuinfy with birth dad but they think he might voluntarily sign rights away if he knows the child will be in a good home. We will know more about this one next week. I would love to take both of these 2 kids but realistically that won't be best for either kid or us so we'll just and pray and see what happens.

Nothing else new in ND. We have had wonderful weather lately. Kinda cold and cloudy today but can't complain. Sounds like some flooding may be headed our way but hopefully not too bad. Guess this is one of the benefits to living in a double wide home - no basement and there will be a lot of people in a lot worse shape than me by the time it would actually get into my home!

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