Friday, September 5, 2008

Update on FIL

Surgery today. Tumor was bigger than expected. Covered most of bladder/part of prostrate and the left urethra (?sp). His left Kidney was not emptying due to the blockage. They were only able to remove 2/3 of the tumor. Next week he will have a CAT scan done to see exactly how it is attached to his other organs. We should have pathology report middle of next week. Then a decision has to be made what to do next. Sounds like chemo is a definite. Going into surgery...doc said 15% chance he'd lose his bladder....after surgery....doc says "pretty good" chance we'll have to take his bladder.

To top this off...I called my mom and she started crying on the phone and all she would tell me is that she has to have some tests done and she can't talk about it now because 1. She hasn't even told my dad and 2. I have too much on my plate the way it is.....It's worse wondering but she doesn't understand that. Our relationship is a little weird right now. Not sure...ok I am pretty sure I know what the deal is...but it's something she's just going to have to get over. I'm 29 yrs old. It's time my umbilical cord was actually cut. I need to make my own decisions and she's having a hard time with it. (She doesn't even know the REAL reason why I am IP...we just told her that my meds were screwed up.)

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