Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Private Yet again my life is TOTALLY screwed up. I have gone private for many reasons. It's not like I am posting much on here but for my own safety...I need to be private. To make a long story short....I had to contact the police yesterday regarding a former co-worker who has been harrassing me to no end and started with some minor (if there is such a thing) threats yesterday.

Then my hubby told me that it is because of the way I dress that this sick old man (he's 50!....sorry for those of you in that age bracket but I'm only 29....I am NOT INTERESTED in a 50 yr old man) is being this way. As if it's MY FAULT that someone is practically STALKING me! Go figure. Hubby and I had it out last night. As you all are well aware...things have been rocky for a while. I've got A LOT to think about in the next few days/weeks.

My weight is I haven't been to therapy for a month or so. I did call today and make an appt but I can't get in until Aug 13. UGH! I hope I'm not too far in the hole by then. Part of me wants back in IP or PHP treatment (inpatient or partial hospitalization) to get back on the right track but then I also feel like I am "hiding" from the real issues that are causing my ed. Plus part of me doesn't know if I WANT to fight ED anymore.

I'm just really not in a good place right now and now my best friend/my hubby is not there to support me right now. UGH! I give up.


Julie said...

DON'T GIVE UP! :) You have worked really hard to get your ed under control- don't let it get you now! I am sorry that your struggling so- that just sucks- I check you site pretty often to see how your doing- and glad to see your back to writing- hang in there!!

Kathy said...

Oh Jody, I am SO sorry. I can only imagine how hard this all is for you, and I can understand your feelings. Like Julie said, "Don't give up!" I know it's easier said than done.

You're in my thoughts and prayers.


Angela :-) said...

I wish there was something else I could do to help. I've been thinking of and praying for you lately.

(And, it is absolutely not your fault that someone is stalking you.)

Angela :-)

Mary said...

We're here for you, girl. Like everyone has said, don't give up! You've worked so hard and done so well.

Take some time, think things over, talk with hubby. You both have gone through so many things together and can overcome this now too.

We will definitely be getting together soon!!

noswimmers said...

Oh hun...I am SO SORRY. You did NOTHING to cause your co-worker to be a creep. I don't care if you showed up in a bikini...NOTHING you could do/say/wear could bring that on.
I'm sorry your hubby isn't being supportive like he should be.
PLEASE take care of yourself. Think back to the things you learned in therapy and try to apply them to your life again.
I'm here if you need me...HUGS.

Kathy said...

FYI...I gave you an award, the "Pink Rose Award". You can go to my blog and get all the info on it.